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K.H. Klink Chemierohstoffe – Products and their applications

K.H.Klink K.H.Klink K.H.Klink K.H.Klink K.H.Klink K.H.Klink
We are extremely proud to count great, traditional names from the world
of chemistry among our regular customers.

For decades, we have maintained close relationships with small to medium-sized privately and family-owned companies, and with big names from the chemical industry.

We have therefore grown together with our trading partners, and today supply well-known regular customers not just in Germany, but also in Austria, Italy, France and Scandinavia for many years now. Thanks to our subsidiary KLINK Chemierohstoffe in Stansstad on the beautiful Lake Lucerne, this list now also includes Switzerland.


K.H.Klink K.H.Klink K.H.Klink K.H.Klink
Purchasing – the key to success. Many years of international relationships, in-depth knowledge of different market situations, favourable prices through the purchase of large batches and a highly secure supply thanks to our bulk storage tank facility – you can count on K.H.KLINK!

We have suppliers all over the world. Manufacturers prize our independence and our connections. International trading companies know that with us, they have a partner who knows European distribution inside and out.

Our customers are the first to benefit from these synergies and partner-based collaborations.


K.H.KlinkWhen it comes to distribution, too: K.H.Klink is a traditional company, but
a modern trading firm. New products and new markets require courage, prudence, expertise and flexibility.

From us, you can get first-hand information: “Advice on product improvements and logistics, dangerous goods regulations, customs problems and other national and international regulatory measures.”

Professional analyses of international markets and our experience as a sought-after partner to German and international manufacturers form the basis for reliable market analysis and new product developments.

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